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GE Healthcare is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. As of 2017, the company is a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging agents and radiopharmaceuticals for imaging modalities that are used in medical imaging procedures. The company offers dyes that are used in magnetic-resonance-imaging procedures. GE Healthcare also

A current biodmed engineer lets us know why GE Healthcare in 9 ways:

1. Pay is so bad. 2. Poor leadership (DOSs, SDLs, MCEs). 3. No support whatsoever. 4. No balance in life. 5. I have seen so much racism against people of color and background. 6. You'll start as Biomed 1 or 2 and retired as Biomed 3 (if you're lucky). 7. HR is a nightmare. 8. Don't get fooled if they tell you, you'll be a full-time employee. It's all contracts with customers and if that contract has ended, get ready to relocate or lied off. 9. A lot of promises but you'll see nothing.


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Quality consultant (Former Employee) says

"Managers were deceitful watching their own backs. Their GE IT business support systems were rubbish and did not work. The staff has given up trying to get anything done. It was a complete mess. I care for someone with advanced Parkinson's Disease and one of the managers I reported into did not make any allowances for this. She was very slow giving the work that I was taken on for (this took them 8 weeks) and then I was sacked after 3.5 months for lack of progress. This has left me in financial difficulty. Beware as some mangers hate consultants as this they feel threatens their jobs. My project lead was jealous as she, I believe, felt aggrieved that she wasn't getting the trips to Uppsala that I had. She kept asking her managers if she could repeat everything that I had done. What a bloody insult. She hid my good work. Kept asking me wider non-contract related quality questions for which she was trying to get answers for so she could look good to the bosses. For a healthcare company I found GE Lifesciences really unsympathetic. Once they had the information they wanted they gave me the push. I certainly would not trust them again. They kept promising the contract would go on for at least 18 months, then when they had the knowledge they had been after they sacked me.NoneLong hours and no work given. Managers had no idea what they were doing."

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I used to work more than 10 hours per day . The works are more than one person may afford during 8 hour work period. The technical knowledge is not populated to be allow you change job easily, adhoc job deadline may critical to make it. The planning of job is not good as other company did"

Manufacturing Technician III (Former Employee) says

"For the love of God don't sign a contract to hire at this place. They will pull all the shenanigans on you. They laid off me after extending my contract twice probily to get some other poor sap to work no benefits, no insurance and no vacation. Don't just think I was a poor performer every contractor was hit with a 6 month extension and then laid off because of a "Hiring Freeze". Then a month later I see that there are positions open.. This company makes its money screwing people over by promising a contract to hire then either extending it or a contract to fire.the company outings are fun"

Production Associate (Former Employee) says

"Aurora Ohio GE Healthcare is a joke. How can you hire someone with no experience and no education? While others have been a contractor for years and have been working there butt off. All supervisors, you must be a pet in order to get a raise. Managers are clueless and have no knowledge about the product. Tells you to go look at the documents and figure it out."

Biomedical Technician (Former Employee) says

"For the last 5 years I worked at GE all they cared about was screwing people out of overtime. I finally stopped working for free and management turned on me. They actively harassed older employees until they quit or retired so they could be replaced by younger and cheaper people. They had a 90 day notice from one customer to get better or get out. Turns out that out of 25 employees 19 were Biomed 1’s with less than two years experience. They had no experienced people and it showed. Site is still messed up. GE is probably going to sell the BIomed part of the business in the next year. Think twice.NoneTry another company"

Former Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"There was a change to the executive leadership at the Warensville OH plat that spoiled the whole place. They decimated the KPO team and totally derailed the work done by good people. There was a dramatic shift from improvement advanced engineering that cost to much money and made to little impact.Was a great place to work onceManagement Team is not people oriented, cut-throat canibals"

Applications Analyst I (Former Employee) says

"This company is literally trash. Employees are just a number on paper, culture is poor, salary is poor. Get ready at year end to wonder if you will be laid off or not because they can't budget to save up for a park of gum."

Service Centre Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"aswering calls, log in issue that customers were having with the machines, organize for the technician to go in the hospitals to check the machines, customer service, call center, invoice issue"

Remote Technical Support (Current Employee) says

"I prefer the work environment at GE Healthcare to any other business I have worked.The people are dedicated to their work and very professional. I constantly was learning new business practices and technologies. The work was always challenging and kept me growing professionally. New Technology, chance for advancement and Training.EverythingNone"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Was a contractor; constant deadlines, not cooperative manager. Had to find out how work was t be done, without guidance, always a struggle. High presser environment."

Analista de Operações (Former Employee) says

"A GE Healthcare é uma empresa extremamente política, reflete a realidade do Brasil. Se você não tem boas alianças e não pertence a elite mandatória é engolido de forma devastadora e, infelizmente o RH e o time de Compliance nada fazem, pois o que realmente importa é a parte financeira, não os funcionários ou a satisfação dos clientes.Empresa multinacional de marca extremamente valiosa e reconhecida no mercado. Agrega ao CV.A política que conduz a empresa e a forma que a direção permite que isso seja feito, muitas vezes com desrespeito e assedio moral aos seus funcionários."

Billing and Customer Service Dispatch (Former Employee) says

"management is not fair at all they are very unorganized and I hated working there they promised us that things would get better and it didn't they need to re evaluate their practices"

Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"I did not work for GE Healthcare directly, but indirectly through CompuCom Systems Inc. Learned how to take apart and repair notebook computers.Great people, great environment, great work-life balance.Hourly wage could've been better."

Claims Demographic and Contractual Analyst-CSR (Former Employee) says

"No upward mobility nor increase in pay/ lucky to get a paycheck. There is absolutely nothing good to say The place is full of demonic ungodly spirits. Run for you life.NoneNo upward mobility, No pay increase, Poor poor management and very disrespectful. Nothing professional about the job."

Resolution Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Lacks professionalism. The job is not worth the pay. Management needs improvement. I think all in all the company needs to close and go back to india.noneworst job ever"

Import/Export Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management does not want you to succeed. High Turnover rate. Poor training, great expectations. Dishonest Management team. excessive gossip and unprofessional from management down. Taking breaks frowned apun. Sexism in workplace (men not treated as equals). Lots of disrespect.Many food daysdiscourged for taking breaks, gossip, poor leadership, high turnover"

Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"company is too big to care about the individual employee. wages are horrible."

Senior Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for a company who looks the other way on lick and stick just to get the work done than go work for this company. I'm just waiting on the lawsuit to put these people out of the health care Industry.nothinghostile, lick and stick"

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company was an absolute NIGHTMARE! On the interview the so-called Manager who interviewed me & who I worked for did nothing but disparage another Manager who she did not like.Turns out without him she would be more useless than she proved to be, a real empty suit. If you want to ascertain the real deal on this company ask how many lawsuits they have against them & how many different company names they were under before G.E. bought them for the profit margin on 1 particular product. I resigned from there effectively immediately & H.R. called me months later to conduct an exit interview. I told them check with my attorney. What a circus!paydayall the time in between paydays"

Biomedical Technician III (Current Employee) says

"This company is the worse I have ever worked for . They discriminate against you for your age.They create a hostile work inviroment against other people to climb the corprate ladder. They understaff you against the contract so they can save money. Patient saftey is poor they just want to make money. If this is the kind of company you would like to work for than work for G E Healthcarethey pay you every 2 weeksoverwork you, age discrimination, money over patient saftey, hostile work inviroment"

Pcpat says

"The Salesforce team in Bangalore location is worst. They hire good candidate from good college and put under bad managers. The lead of Salesforce Sumitha is more a politician than lead. She has higher priority for her family than office. If she don\'t like someone then she complain irrespective of work. The technical director Radha in Salesforce is such a inefficient manager that she don\'t go for any detail what work done by employee and blindly listen to politician lead Sumitha. Radha says bad words to fresher employee to save her own job based on complain of Sumitha without checking reality. Please never join Salesforce team in Bangalore under technical director Radha else your life and career will go for toss. "

Mrs Syed says

"Excellent service."

Sophie King says

"I have already emailed my complaint over and I’m Awaiting my response"

Brooklyn Davies says

"If I could score them 0 out of 5 I would. Booked an appointment for the 6th. They called 3 hours before to say they had to cancel and reschedule. Then on the day of the rescheduled appointment, I arrived at the centre and no one was there. Called the head office and apparently they’d try to contact me earlier that day to say the machine had broken so they had to cancel again. Absolutely disgusting. I’ll never book with ultrasound direct again."

Stephen Hinton says

"After numerous attempts staff were unable to take enough blood to send to Medichecks. On the last occasion I had a significant interstitial bleed causing a large Haemetoma which still has not healed. Very upset @ outcome. Steve"

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